Evaluation of the influence demographic factors on aging population in the Republic of Uzbekistan


  • Khamid Khudaybergenovich Abduramanov Faculty of Economy, Tashkent State University of Economics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


population, demographic process, demographic pressure, natural increase, birth, death, continuously life


The meaning and creature of “aging of population” conception on the basis of
theoretical and methodical approach to the problem of aging of population were deeply shown. The
changes of getting older of population, rebuilding of population, migration of population and sanitariandemographic
process after war which happened for the reason of such factors, the process of aging of
population in present days were to the following and above mentioned development defined. On the
territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan according to the level of population aging demographic criteria
which adopted in the world can be divided into three groups: regions with a relative level of aging,
regions of middle-age and regions with high levels of aging.
Demographic structure, birth, life continuation after birth and the influence of morality are
defined in the country. The analysis of modern tendency of demographic process in the Republic is
shown that in the age level under the working age decreasing but, against in the age level of elder
working age increased. In addition, it was found that high rates increased the number of people of
retirement age in relation to the working population. It was scientifically proven to the fact that in
Uzbekistan, born after World War II during the "demographic replenishment" included in aged group of
population , in the period of transition to new economic conditions of the birth rate sharply declined and
after 2000 it was begun the process of aging of population. The territories of the Republic of
Uzbekistan are count as total and the total fertility rate and assessed the demographic situation in the
country. Demographic, social and economic factors for decreasing effect of birth are defined.
The following offers are produced: to improve the financial condition of pension funds in order
to improve the well-being of the elderly of aging population, to increase the level of social support by
address through non-state funds of elderly people, the expansion of proving the Medical services of this
category of population, an increase public centers for day meetings and rest homes in all machala, to
enhance social services and single elderly living in their own homes

DOI: 10.15551/lsgdc.v42i0.09