Theoretical Benchmarks of Geography as Renewal Resource for Educational Curriculum


  • Octavian Mândruț “Vasile Goldiş” Western University, Arad, Romania


Theoretical Geography, Epistemology of Geography, Educational Curriculum, Curriculum of Geography


This paper represents an attempt of transferring and adapting, from the Theoretical Geography, some key elements useful to a substantial renewal of the Educational Curriculum. The specific curriculum fields where the key, selected new elements of Theoretical Geography may play a significant role are as follows: the study field, the methodological elements (the cartographic method and GIS), the internal taxonomy of Geographical science (organised on elements, phenomena, processes, systems, structures and interactions), the undertaken definition of the modern Geography, the conceptual system and specific terminology, the taxonomic organisation of the geographical space, the dual nature of Geography (physical and human), the integrated nature of Geography, the elements of the paradigmatic dimension, the educational development and the achievement of an innovative framework. The dual nature of Geography (as a natural science and as a science related to the society) gives it distinctive opportunities of integrating some transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary elements into the educational curriculum as well as into the educational process as a whole.

DOI: 10.15551/lsgdc.v41i0.16