Are the Present Environmental Narratives an Efficient Trigger for Environmental Actions?


  • Valentina Mariana Mănoiu Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Madani Azzedine Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Djilali Bounaama Khemis Miliana, Algérie
  • Alexandru-Ioan Crăciun LIFE unit, DG Environment, European Commission, Belgium


environmental narratives, environmental actions, Greenly Magazine, social media, academia


This is a tough and original question to which we will try to find an answer in the full article, based on our scientific and didactic experience. We do, however, believe this article will only prompt partially complete results due to the fact that the “environmental narratives” issue is extremely complex and extensive. Environmental narratives most often target promoting and informing, but when they originate in academia, these environmental stories become “real scientific narratives”. Regardless of the “origin/sender”, “recipient” and form of environmental narratives, we believe that the authenticity of the environmental stories’ message, coupled with supporting scientific explanations presented in a public-friendly manner, can ensure the success of these “eco-chronicles” as “eco-action triggers”. Over the past 13 years, at the beginning of every academic year, the first Environmental Pollution course at the Geography Faculty of the University of Bucharest is dedicated to a free and open discussion – open environmental narratives – about the motivation behind choosing this particular specialization, what sparked the interest and concern for the environment, as well as the students’ love for nature. The results of these open environmental narratives presented by students, which are eco-action triggers for their colleagues, will be analysed and addressed by this article in order to answer the question in the title. In December 2011, a team from the Geography Faculty of the University of Bucharest, made up of 13 BA, MA and PhD students coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valentina-Mariana Mănoiu, decided to create an online environmental magazine. The Greenly Magazine articles, analysed as environmental narratives that generate environmental and eco-behaviour-oriented actions, will also be approached in detail in the article, thus complementing the method set employed for achieving the purpose of the study.

DOI: 10.15551/lsgdc.v41i0.08