Urban renovation of the old prison from the city of Florence


  • Nicolae Adrian University of Bucharest, Romania


urban renovation, Antica Carcera, renewal, interdisciplinary act, perception, old versus young


Urban renovation it is an activity used lately more often for revitalizing those areas which are over the limits of physical and social degradation and even to reconsider the historical role as basic factor for renovation, this aspect can be use as the major reason for this process because the image of the old times towards this place can offer a higher value. This space has been for more then five centuries the main Florentine prison, at the beginning use to be the jail for important peoples especially in the age of Renaissance over the Tuscany Region. After the renaissance era this prison has been used for common people. At the same time with the prison near the site has been worked without any breaks the Court which has judged all the residents of the jail. At the beginning of the 21th century because of the physical degradation a program of renovation has been initiated. After the restoration started in 2002 a new space with different perception over the landscape has been introduced to the people of Florence, a residential space for free people that now live in a place that has roots in the old site of the prison. The perception is still negative for the people who live near this area, but for the younger people and for those who lives inside this area the process of renovation has gave a brand new look and especially a positive image for this space.