Wine Tourism – a Conceptual Approach with Application in Vrancea County


  • Mihaela Mănilă “Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi, Faculty of Geography and Geology, Iași, Romania


wine tourism, vineyard, viticulture, Vrancea county


Wine tourism is an emerging form of tourism who took birth in crisis due to the development of wine-growing sector in the countries of the New World (New Zealand, Australia, USA). It appeared as a means to revitalize and preserve the wine industry. The difficulties encountered are the existence of a very complex offer but less legible on wine product and tourism. In Romania, the Vrancea County is a national leader in terms of both area of cultivation of vines and in the production of grapes. Vrancea is called the Country of the Vine and Wine due to the famous vineyards that still keep this title (Panciu, Odobeşti and Coteşti). High quality wine, wine-growing landscape of the County, the reputation gained by national and international competitions facilitate the development of the wine tourism based on a local scale on a complex and competitive offer with other wine-growing regions of the country.