The Current State and Future Development Directions in the Public Transportation in the Municipality of Timisoara


  • Sorin Pavel West-University of Timişoara, Romania


public transportation, mobility, accessibility, Timișoara


Timisoara holds several national premieres in the public transportation sector: the
first electric tramway on the present territory of Romania (1899) and the first trolleybus in the country
(1942). The public transportation network developed continuously, so that the Municipality of
Timisoara has at the moment a dense public transportation network which serves all the districts of the
city. As researches reveal that in Timişoara of the year 2030 the private car will remain one of the main
means of transportation, a fast and functional public transportation system becomes and imperative
condition to ensure urban accessibility and mobility. The projects of the local authorities aim to give the
public transportation system of the Municipality of Timisoara European features: speed, efficiency and
modernity, to develop the local public infrastructure to ensure mobility in the historical center and to
render accessibility to the suburbs of the Municipality of Timisoara.