Tourism potential of Uzbekistan


  • Davronov Istamkhuja Olimovich Department of Economy, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Bukhara State University of Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan, tourism industry, historical buildings, Bukhara, Samarkand


Uzbekistan with its many historical and architectural monuments, a variety of climate and rapid economic development attracted attention all over the world. Recently, tourist’s interest in Uzbekistan has remarkably increased and accordingly, the range of travel facilities and the services of local tour operators are being enlarged year by year in order to draw more travelers to explore this wonderful place. However, the number of people interested in this mysterious country from year to year. On the district of Uzbekistan there are many cities where hundreds of old monuments from different ages are located. Amid them are Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrizabs, Termez and Kokand. These cities were the main centers of knowledge, science and art. Therefore, a great number of new hotels and guest houses have appeared, new restaurants and cafes have reached international Standards, and modern means of transportation, from cars to tour buses, are available to transport more and more travelers. This article aims to analyze the current potential tourism of Uzbekistan.