Aims and scope

A geographic and integrative approach

”Lucrările Seminarului Geografic Dimitrie Cantemir” is a scientific journal devoted to the publication of papers characterized by a geographical approach. The journal embraces the Geography in a holistic approach, in the spirit of the humanist thinking promoted by the Moldavian scholar Dimitrie Cantemir. It therefore encourages the submission of papers on a wide variety of subjects related to human interactions from a social, economic or environmental point of view, across the geographical space. Studies stemming from human geography, regional studies, environmental studies, natural risk management or territorial planning alike are encouraged. Papers from various fields of study that focus on the spatial dimension of particular phenomena are suitable for publication in this journal. Both theoretical and empirical scientific papers are accepted for publication in this journal. A particular interest is given to those papers that approach topical issues and have a significant impact on the current scientific knowledge. 


A broad target audience

This journal is open to researchers from diverse fields of study and ranging from experienced and well-known academia members to young scholars. The editorial board particularly encourages doctoral students and young researchers to disseminate the results of their work and to receive help to advance with their research through the advice and recommendations provided during the peer-review process.


An open access journal

”Lucrările Seminarului Geografic Dimitrie Cantemir”  has two issues per year and it is published in both printed (free of charge for the first author of every published paper) and online version (integrally open-access on the journal website). Moreover, the journal allows for flexible publication dates; an article is published online as soon as peer review, proof reading and copy-editing processes are completed, by means of the Online First system.


An internationally recognized journal

The journal publishes articles in English and French, thus being open to a broad scientific audience. The selection of the articles for publication is based on the suitability of the topic for the journal’s scope (assessed by the editorial board) and on the scientific quality (assessed through a double-blind peer review process, assured by established international experts in the field).


Seminar participation opportunity

Created in 1980, simultaneously with the International Geographic Seminar ”Dimitrie Cantemir”, the journal continues the initiative of the interwar publication: « Lucrările Societății Geografice Dimitrie Cantemir » (a total of 4 issues in 1937, 1939, 1941, 1943).  The seminar offers its participants the opportunity to present the results of their research and to take part in valuable debates on their subjects of interests.

However, the participation at this seminar is not conditioned by submitting the paper to the journal, nor does it guarantee the publication of any paper. Symmetrically, the journal welcomes proposals falling within its scope, without any conditioning on conference participation. Therefore, this journal does not publish conference proceedings, but journal articles (click here for further details on the types of manuscripts accepted for publication).